When a user becomes a customer – Edrone drives up conversion rates by up to 50%

If driving website traffic is the main focus and if all hopes are pinned on website positioning and all kinds of ads, you can easily forget that not all users are your customers. It is important to bear in mind that website traffic does not yield profit by itself and it can only drive sales if people get what they expect when browsing through your range. This is what Edrone CRM draws on, automating marketing activities, streamlining interaction with customers and tailoring messages sent to them.

More than 26 million internet users in Poland

The figure comes from a survey carried out by Gemius and published in the report “E-commerce in Poland 2017”. Of that population, 54% per cent claim they shop online at e-stores. An increased interest in e-commerce can be observed year to year. In 2016, the number of Internet users shopping online was smaller by 4%, so e-commerce is growing and e-commerce statistics confirm this showing an estimated worth of PLN 40 billion. There is a lot to fight for!

Advertising is a large piece of the retailers’ budget pie as it aims to drive traffic to their stores. But such expenditure will only pay off if you understand that this is not where your efforts end. Attracting a user to your website does not mean that he or she will make a purchase. Low conversion rates show that the problem is still the number of customers rather than the number of users.

A conversion rate is the percentage of people who take a desired action.

This means that the higher the rate, the more effective your efforts.

Users can’t be disappointed

Once you have succeed in attracting Internet users through good website positioning and effective advertising, you have to make sure they do not get disappointed. But the range is only one important factor that builds a positive image of a retailer and drives willingness to buy. You must realise that users increasingly pay attention to how they are served at an online store or whether a retailer is able to offer something exclusively tailored to their individual needs or can recommend products that meet their preferences or has any special discounts or bonuses for them.

Conversion rates are bound to improve with unique and valuable website content; it should be specific and use the language of benefits, but you probably already know that. You should also focus on different payment methods and shipping options; customers value those retailers who offer them a choice. You will hardly forget about positioning as this is your base for driving traffic and done that, you will take care of conversion. How can Edrone help you out?

Customers like being treated individually

We have irrefutable evidence that the above is true and this is our customers’ performance after the go-live of our CRM system. One example is eButik.pl; our work together resulted in 154 orders and sales of PLN 52,000 in just 7 days. The aim of the campaign was to increase sales and reduce the cart abandonment rate or, in other words, to minimise the disproportion between users and customers. Individually tailored emails directly addressing individuals by their names were sent to those who added products to their cart but did not complete the purchase. Those messages generated a high CTR of 20% and Edrone-led conversion was kPLN 246.

Individually tailored messages to customers are much more persuasive than content directed to the general audience. A user can feel unique while a retailer demonstrates that it cares about him or her as a valued customer, which boosts confidence and motivates to take a specific action. Edrone pushes up conversion to even 50%, which means that you can have up to a half more customers than you do now.

80% of online retailers use mass mailing

This is a large number showing that online retailers make smart choices of communication channels to interact with their customers and users. However, how they create their content and how effective they are in running marketing campaigns is not always that commendable. At Edrone, we stand by results as we care about our customers’ performance. One functionality of our CRM solution, i.e. Marketing Automation, plays a key role here. It makes sending emails an automated process, which means that users/customers receive emails at the appropriate time when you want them to. In addition, Edrone is smart enough to be able to learn to recommend specific products to customers. They have bought a desk so let’s offer them a lamp and a chair too!

With Edrone, you can recover as many as 30% of abandoned carts at your store; eButik has seen it for itself, but it was not the only one. Our CRM system is used by market leaders such as Duka, XKom, CitySport, Mount Blanc or Quiosque. We drive up conversion rates because we know that increasing traffic to a website is only half the battle.



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