What is Cloud Storage?

In the last few years, the possibilities of the technology grew significantly. The ways in which people can store their data have changed. USB flash drives and external hard drives, which seemed to be the best devices for easy storing and accessing of documents, are becoming less popular. Now, cloud storages have started to rule in the world of data-managing solutions.

Cloud storage is a digital space provided by a company. Users can store, view and download files on the company’s servers, which allows them to quickly access and administer data at any time from any device connected to the Internet. The files on the user’s account are encrypted and require proper login and password to be accessible, which means that it should be safe to store important and crucial documents.

There are many cloud storage providers (for example Google or Apple) and each of them provide the service on their own grounds. It’s very common to see different digital space available on different paid options. Of course, most of them do have free versions, but the storage offered is distinctly smaller (5 to 15 GB in the free versions compared to 1 up to 10 TB in the paid versions of the services).


The most important advantage of the cloud storages over more conventional flash drives and external hard drives is the possibility to access the necessary data anywhere. There is no need to look for the nearest computer to plug the pen drive into; the files can be easily and quickly presented and managed through any tablet or smartphone. The use of the phone may be less desired, because of the smaller screen compared to the screen of the tablet, but in a dire situation it should be sufficient. There is no need to carry any physical storage device everywhere at all time; which also means that there is no possibility of losing it together with all of the important files.

Additionally, there are many applications which benefit from access to online data or help in managing it. Both hobby related applications or games, as well as any sales enablement app or other workplace related software will gain from additional memory space.


For the time being, not sufficient digital space may be a concern to some, especially if one needs a lot of it and can’t afford the monthly payment for an additional package. In this situation, the only solution is to continue using external devices for the portable storage and wait for the future which may offer more digital bytes for a lower price.

The danger of having the data stolen may also be a factor which can discourage people from using cloud storages. Though the data on them is secured, there is always a possibility that someone may hack into them. That’s why it is very important to be careful when downloading programs from the Internet and not to use a public Wi-Fi when logging in the cloud storage.

With the rapid development of technology, many things may change in the years to come, but now, the cloud storages seem like the easiest and most effective storage solution.

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