Watch Dogs 2 – General preview

Watch Dogs 2 – General preview

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Continuation of sandbox action game, in which the key element Mechanics became a possibility of hacking the Municipal Infrastructure and smart phones and other communication devices. The game was moved to an entirely new city of San Francisco, during the game as a member of the Local Group of Dedsec hackers, which aims to fight against the system CTOs.
Watch Dogs 2 is designed for PC platform users continuation modeled on the Grand Theft Auto series, sandbox action game Watch Dogs from 2014 in which playing the character of former criminals, we used their skills hacker and a number of modern gadgets to control urban infrastructure and all kinds of communication devices. According to the concept of the series, similar realities also accompanying us at the second part of the cycle.

Responsible for the rise of the game again under the leadership of Ubisoft is Ubisoft Montreal team, having to his credit such popular series as Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell whether the last cycle reads Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Watch Dogs 2 was officially announced June 8, 2016 year, and so little over two years after the release of the original. The game was released on November 15 on the most important eighth-generation consoles, and November 29 for personal computers.
Compared to the serious and rather grim plot of the first Watch Dogs, the second part of the cycle approaches the topic in more relaxed way. The game was moved to a brand new city of San Francisco, and the fun takes on a man named Marcus Holloway, member of the local hacker group called Dedsec. Its members aim to not only fight against the Central Operating System (CTOs), but above all … fun. Thanks to that Watch Dogs 2 gameplay has a much lighter atmosphere than its predecessor, where we watched the game world through the eyes of grim avenger.

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General gameplay assumptions of Watch Dogs 2 have not changed. We get so again taking place in an open world, third-person action game, which in terms of mechanics quite Recalls its Grand Theft Auto series. The main distinctive feature cycle Watch Dogs from the competition, however, is the possibility of hacking the environment through the entire mass of gadgets, and this aspect of the game was a continuation quite clearly developed. While we are playing because we can manipulate both the vehicles, as well as other elements of the environment to a greater number of ways. Besides, in the game there is the possibility of so-called. mass hacking, allowing to take control of multiple devices at once (eg. all smartphones passers-by).
In Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway has at its disposal quite a few new toys, such as quadkopter (flying drones) used primarily for reconnaissance and jumper, or remotely operated vehicle that allows hacking items requiring physical interaction. Additionally, weapons in the game is created using 3D printers in the Dedsec offices. The creators have tried for even greater flexibility in the assignment of further tasks feature – depending on the preferences of the players, they can move in several ways (eg. Creeping or engaging in open combat). Also changed driving model cars and how to move the hero, who is familiar with the impressive art of parkour.

Game Gode

A key element released on the PC platform Watch Dogs 2 is of course an extensive single player campaign, in which, apart from a mission related to the main theme of the feature, for players waiting the whole mass of non-core activities. The game does does also have multiplayer gameplay options, according to the latest trends in integrated mode for single player. As a result, even when going campaign can join the game with friends and at any time jointly undertake a number of additional activities, allowing to play in cooperative mode or rivalry.

Technical issues

Compared to the published more than two years earlier predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 was created from the beginning for the latest PCs and consoles eighth generation, which allowed developers to develop wings in terms of visuals. As a result, the graphics improved considerably, and the open world of San Francisco seems even more alive. Also improved AI NPCs that in the course of play can come together in a more complex interactions.

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