The effects of jumping rope? Wonderful figure.

Do you remember Jennifer Beals in the classic role of very young dancers already dreaming of a career prima ballerina in the movie “Flashdance”? Do you remember her exhausting exercises, including those simulating jumping rope? Some of the scenes in this film were so expressive that returned in the video Geri Halliwell – “It’s raining man” and Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m glad.” And jumping at rope too!

What is it about the jumping, that does not dispense with it not only the dancers but also for example boxers? The effects have to be really impressive … And so they are! Rope skipping has been appreciated by a very wide group of athletes and all those who care about the well-being, health and proper body shape (whether muscular or firm).

Jumping rope

Jumping on a rope (effects you will find a little below), is one of the cheapest forms of activity. You buy it from literally a few pennies in every sports shop! However, if you are planning intensive training, it is good to take them in cushioning shoes and on cushion surfaces (it can also be a simple gymnastics mat).

Jumping rope include Traditional jumps in place – so liked by young girls, jumping on one leg (and later on the other) and “eights” consisting of crossing links in front of you. All of these methods produce very good results. Unfortunately, this form of activity can not be done by everyone. Contraindications to jump: imbalance, a significant overweight, joint problems or with the cardiovascular system, and osteoporosis.
What’s in it for me, so the effects of jumping rope

Improving physical fitness and burning calories and step (or rather jump) on the way to drop extra kilos – this is the most prized effects offered by jumping rope. But that’s not all, because this activity model the figure and with exercises performed in the open air will give us an oxygenation of the body. And now the good news for all those who are already thinking about purchasing ropes – You won’t wait long for the effects. The first visible appear already after the first two weeks of regular exercises.

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