Shop window stars – how to choose mannequins?

Displays in shopping centers are designed to attract us to the interior of the store so that we can make the largest purchases. And who encourages us to do this? Of course, fashionably dressed mannequins placed on a beautiful display.

Where to look for them?

There are companies specializing in the production and sale of store mannequins. One of them is the Polish company More Mannequins also operating on the British and German market. By visiting the company’s online store, we can choose mannequins that perfectly meet the needs of our store, its aesthetics and range. What types of mannequins can we buy on the market? The basic categories of mannequins are of course:

  •     women’s
  •     men’s
  •     children’s
  •     specialist

However, there are many more possibilities, among them we will find various types of smaller elements that allow you to properly present products such as jewelry. It is also possible to buy the torso of male and female mannequins. Similarly, in the case of pants presentation methods – we can buy only the mannequins ‘ legs. Sports mannequins are also a separate category, useful in stores dedicated to products necessary for various types of activities. We can easily present clothes, accessories or sports equipment in our store. This is especially important because the presentation of sports equipment is not easy at all.

Special requirements?

You can choose exactly the mannequins that suit your store’s needs! Many brands are expanding their collections with a diverse range of sizes to meet the purchasing needs of a wide range of customers. At you can easily buy plus size mannequins or maternity mannequins. Another important element is the selection of aesthetics for the mannequins in terms of the brand’s offer. We can choose realistic, futuristic, plastic, wooden mannequins – there are really many options. As you can see, everyone is able to choose mannequins that perfectly match the range of products offered by his store, and this encouraging to present their products by attracting a large number of customers.

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