Seconds to death

Getting on to the carousel catapult into the cage, carriage or other attractions at the amusement park always wondering if it’s just you do not happen to this accident, that the funeral funfair. Of course quickly you throw from the head of dark thoughts, assuming it will not happen to You. Wrong. You do not know the day nor hour.

In these parks all creaks, rusts, moving. Even just looking at it leaves you a shivering. And when your friends jump into the cages and various wagons, calling you from cowards, you do not have too much output and join. If they switched off their imagination and do not realize the possible consequences of their advantage, because it will drive unconsciously. Indeed, even crossing the street something can kill You, but this situation can be likened to throwing yourself under the car even if you see there is not enough time to stop it.
The next time you will be hailed as a coward, show them this video and see what happened, as a second son with the mother were to be catapulted several meters above the ground. Woman’s husband throws a biscuit, “are you sure you are insured.” I think he bit his tongue after all the action …

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