Productivity at work – master your mind

How to improve your productivity?—simply change your chair!

Tired of not being able to achieve your goals? Every day you struggle with concentration in your work? It’s time to take a break, catch a breath and consider a little bit of advice.

Being productive—what does it really mean?

The most expected feature of an employee is to be well-organised, entirely effective, ideally, work 24/7 and accomplish every task at a speed of light. We all know that it may not be entirely possible, yet, it is always worth it to raise the bar, even just for yourself. Especially, as valuable habits once learned help to achieve any goal.

Master your mind

Even though it may sound trivial, the truth is that at the beginning it is best to set the target plainly along with the means to accomplish it. The rest is just preparing the schedule with every step and phase of what is need to be done. Sounds easy as pie, yet how often do you leave everything at short notice and curse at yourself under your nose. What else can be done is to prioritise your tasks and see which ones of them you can do today, tomorrow or next week. When all the tasks are ready to be done, just concentrate on one instead of letting your mind wander about other tasks. Unfortunately, the focus is hard to maintain. In order to do so, it is advisable to let go of all the distractions, including mobile phones, tablets, newspapers and all the time-consumers (and the Internet is the master of distractions). This also concerns checking your e-mails every 10 minutes and chatting through your phone all the time.

Look at your desk

It is commonly known that the chaos on your desk reflects the chaos in your head. Sometimes, in order not to lose these incredible amounts of time, it is enough just to organise your workplace. It is easier and definitely faster to work when all the things necessary are visible under your hands.

Space and atmosphere

Following the rule of cleaning the desk, let’s look at it closer. Nowadays, there is a lot of research proving that inappropriately chosen seat and desk can cause a serious harm to your health. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a proper chair in shape. Additionally, caring about its design may also improve your general sensation. It is commonly known that the decorations of the room can change the atmosphere at the office. The more exclusive office furniture is the better atmosphere. Then, if you are an employer, it is advisable to focus on office and reception furniture – tables, desks, chairs, seatings, even though it may seem meaningless (an attractive offer of this kind of furniture can be found here:

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