Premium cotton socks for your healthy feet

Probably many of You buying socks, looking for them in a specific purpose:for running, to the bike, to work in the office, on a hot day, ski, on very cold days…, or simply universal ones. However, when we decide what kind we want to buy there may be more questions whether the sock has to be thin, tall, with flat seams, anti-odor, … cotton or thermoactive? In the following paragraph I will try to present a closer specification of cotton and thermoactive socks.

Cotton or Thermoactive?

The first major difference of which You have to be sure is that, cotton is a natural material ! While the word “thermoactive” is rather a contractual ones which means that the composition of the socks includes polyester fibers, elastanes, polypropylens, nylons, etc.

Thermoactive socks, you can basically call “quick-drying”. The development of polyesters at present time made that, we can make premium socks of any material and keeping our feet dry, depending on the needs of warm / ventilation. Thermoactive socks have a very large field of appliance in all sports, where increased physical exercise causes sweating. If we want to keep our feet dry we should have this type of socks in our wardrobe.

Cotton socks

These are quite traditional, purchased by our parents, grandparents due to the fact that, there was no yarns on the market that are available today. These are very pleasant to the touch, rather for the everyday use. Many of us have used them, because they are really very good, and of course natural. On hot days these are less recommended due to the fact that cotton absorbs water and often pulling sock in warm weather, it is simply all wet. In fact there are no 100% cotton socks, and even if someone writes it on the label it is not entirely true. This is due to the fact that cotton is not stretchy enough and to let sock remain on the leg it has to be blended with polyester, elastyne which provides with flexibility.
We can very often see “hybrid” socks containing both cotton and polyesters at once. Personally, I think this is the best solution, especially when these are dots socks 😉
I would recommend anyone to test both of them. For running you should definitely choose polyester ones, but for the office You should choose fine cotton socks

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