Practice and innovation – trends in education created by WSEI

Innovation is something innovative that allows you to look at existing problems and find a completely new, unusual and the best solution for them. An innovative idea, in turn, is an idea that represents a fresh perspective on a given situation. The science of innovative thinking is therefore extremely important especially in the modern world, on the modern labour market. It is not difficult to see how certain areas of business are schematic and predictable. Another employee trained in rigid, schematic rules is by no means an attractive candidate for a high position. Another business idea similar to the other ones does not have the slightest chance of breaking through and breaking in the labour market.

A modern school from Krakow

Many modern universities try to introduce new teaching methods and modern trends to their offer, in order to somehow break the scheme. One of the first schools that decided to take such a courageous step is the University of Economics and Computer Science from Kraków, which was established almost two decades ago, in 2000. WSEI Kraków is a modern and extraordinary school, and most importantly, international. It is due to the possibilities of learning in English, in a group of people from different countries, learning about multicultural relations, as well as ways of teaching focused on practice and innovative solutions, this school enjoys such recognition among students. This recognition is expressed directly in the statistics – 94% of students find work during their studies, and 90% immediately after their graduation goes to their dream job.

Trends in WSEI

The trends created by the WSEI from Krakow turn out to be a hit, especially considering the modern labor market, the development of technologies and the increase of consumer needs. Learning to create innovation and unconventional thinking allows future graduates to create unique, unusual ideas and projects that can further develop and polish during the course of learning. As a result, many students graduate from the university with ready-made projects ready for commercialization and market entry. The cadets from the University of Economics and Computer Science also have the possibility to open their own start-ups, and thanks to the opportunities extended by international contacts, these start-ups can be created virtually all over the world.

School mission

The mission of the WSEI school is to educate staff and independent entrepreneurs ready to enter the labour market. For this reason, at the university in Krakow, you can study such majors as Computer Science, Management or Accounting. These are forward-looking directions that, properly designed and seasoned with a pinch of modern, practical approach, guarantee a job immediately after the end of education.

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