Perfect jewelry to the beach

Then came the moment – we complete layette to the beach! Swimsuit, pareo, a hat and sunscreen are prepared, but if you thought about supplements? What about the jewelry to the beach?

What these additives have a different kind of rings, bracelets worn every day? There must differ nothing, but to perfectly complementing your beach style these should be delicate up to summer (such as bracelets on the finger), preferably referring to sunbathe, so in shades of blue with sailors and naval elements. It really looks great! The beautifully blends in with the outfit bathing, sun, sand … great completes the outfit that at the beach is pretty skimpy …

You will tell, but it’s not practical! Think about it from the other side. During the holidays, stay on the beach lasts from dawn to dawn sun and tanning smooth transition in the party, so try to be ready for anything! And if you are worried about jewelry that You wore to the beach can be quickly lost, make sure it has a good fastening, and long necklaces or bracelets on the ankle better remove before entering the water.

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