Modern technology that can help you invent a thing

Modern technology that can help you invent a thing

The twenty-first century is a time when development of new things and introducing new ideas into a real life is still in progress. People still need to develop new object that will help them to live better or bring some entertainment. For those reasons, the sophisticated 3D printers are more and more popular these days among new inventors as well as large companies.

What is the sls nylon 3D printer?

It is a printer that allows you to print a real object that are made of plastic or different material in accordance to your preferences and the 3D printers possibilities. It is a completely new product that will meet the customers’ needs. People have always dreamt of such an equipment and here it is. Now, it is more affordable, larger and easier to use.

How does it work?

You need to use a special computer program where you draw the needed element. You need to design it in 3D so you will exactly know how will it look like after printing. It is not a complicated task. The simple software is usually provided with the 3D printer.

Where to purchase the sls nylon 3D printer?

A lot of companies produce the 3D printers. One of them is Sinterit at, a Polish company from Krakow. It is a leader when it comes to 3D manufacturing. The company has developed and produced two types of 3D printers – Lisa and Lisa 2 Pro. Their products have won many competitions and they are described as modern and useful.

Something more about the newest product – Lisa 2 Pro

Sinterit always wanted to introduce a product on the market that will be affordable and useful for small companies as well as ordinary people who would like to develop their interests, skills and passion and Lisa 2 is a product dedicated to their needs and preferences.
Its strongest advantage is high precision of the printed objects. Lisa 2 is more accurate than Lisa 3D printer and it is dedicated to customers who want to achieve something more than standard 3D printing. It is also worth to say something more about the print size that is really huge- it is up to 316mm (12.4 inches) diagonally. What is more, the 3D printer is really easy to operate thanks to intuitive software that will help you to print the object step by step.

Technical details of Lisa 2:

size: 690x 500x 880 mm (27.1x 19.7x 34.6 inches)
weight: 90 kg (198 lbs)
Average power consumption: 0,9kW

3D printing can be a fantastic past time hobby and a way of helping suffering people. You may invent a new thing and become a modern inventor.

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