Microcement – worth it ?

Anyone, who is thinking of applying or changing the coating on his or her walls, ceilings, staircase, furniture or floors should consider the latest innovative material, microcement or microtopping. Due to the fact that the recipe of the material is based on cement, it is deemed to be used on industrial floors. However, it can be applied on any surface. No matter if you want to spread it on the floor in the flat or public building, microtopping will work well on each surface.

This material has a number of advantages, which make it a perfect material for any place. It is extremely durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. It has an abrasion resistance and is 100% water resistant, therefore it can be used in wet places such as bathroom, kitchen or swimming pool or even a bath tub. However we have to remember that the material is not water-proof so the base on which we spread microtopping has to be completely dry to avoid any problems in the future.


The main benefit of micro concrete, which is also hidden in the name, is the fact that the layer of the material is very thin, and has only 1-3 millimetres. This enables us to use microcement coating when we do not want to raise the level of the floor. Another quality of this coating is that it can be applied in any colour. The number of finishes that we can obtain using microtopping is really high and therefore we can have our surface decorated exactly the way we like and in a colour we want. It is also very customizable because it can be used in different shapes and designs. Microcement provides the interior with raw and industrial look, which is popular nowadays, especially in lofts. We do not need to use standard cement anymore, which is a lot thicker and less comfortable to apply. Moreover, the surface where the micro concrete is applied is smooth and does not have any joints.


Microtopping is very easy to maintain. It is resistant to mechanical pressure, and is able to withstand heavy loads without cracking or folding. It is also resistant to scrub. After application, the surface dries very fast and will be ready for use within one day, which makes this coating extremely popular among designers and people who want to redecorate their homes or furniture. In order to apply it we do not need any heavy machinery, it can be mixed manually and only a spatula for spreading it out and smoothing is enough, and it bonds really well.

To sum up, micro concrete is an outstanding material that can be used on any surface. It can be used for commercial or residential purposes and gives the room an industrial look. It can be easily, manually applied and the number of finishes it provides is infinite. All these properties cause that the microtopping coating is a great choice.

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