Luminescent pigment in real life – five examples of using a glow in the dark powder

It seemed that everything was already said in the topic of paints and dyes. Millions of shades of the same color, different sensitivity to water or surfaces for use. The paints could not surprise us anymore…until now. A new player appeared in the arena. We present glow in the dark pigment.

What exactly is luminescent pigment?

A fluorescent pigment is the additive which can be mixed with various substances, starting from inks and finishing on glass or even cement. It usually has the consistency of a powder. The properties of the substance with which it will be mixed do not change. However, something is changing …

When the pigment is exposed with the appropriate dose of natural or artificial light, it begins to shine. This is due to the property of light energy storage. The luminescent pigment produces a mild glow, most often in green or blue. The intensity with which it shines depends on such factors as:

  1. The proportions in which it was mixed with the base material – the more powder, the brighter and longer glow efect will last;
  2. Time for which the pigment is irradiated;
  3. The type of pigment which was used;
  4. The intensity of light that illuminates the pigment;

Luminescent pigment is widely used starting from the art, ending with the automotive industry. Here are the most interesting examples of using glow in the dark powder.


The artists fell in love with the luminescent paints for the breath of fresh air which they brought. Many of them have created their own unique art style. On the Internet you can find a lot of artistic inspirations that use luminescent pigment on a massive scale. Particularly popular is Street art. Murals painted with luminescent paints enliven the urban space. If you’re interested in creating art, be up to date with “glow in the dark” trends.


Glowing paints are used on a wide scale as an interesting addition to costumes. The unique creation of New Year’s Eve or the incarnation of your favorite character from the movie. All depend on your creative mind.


Luminescent pigment is also used in transport and public spaces. It is used for example to mark communication routes in areas with no access to electricity.


Glow in the dark powder can often be applied directly to the body. This type of application has been loved by nightclubs, which often give their guests the opportunity to paint their face or body and take part in fluorescent parties.

These are just a few examples of using fluorescent light. The only thing that limits is the imagination.

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