Lumbersexual – true manhood valuable again!

The end of the metrosexual guys which spend on cosmetics more than their girlfriends. Style experts agreed: get ready for the return of true manhood. This time, in lumbersexual version. Wait a minute – what version?

The women began to miss the guys who can do more than look good. For some time, a symbol of masculinity became a beard. It turned out that it was not only innocent trend, but the announcement of major changes – and not just in fashion.

As “lumbersexual” begins with defining the guys who define the word “manhood” to their appearance and behavior. Mandatory beard, hair styled by, Flannel shirt in a thick plaid and solid shoes instead of Converse.

That’s not all. Lumbersexual man must also love adventure and be a handyman. In other words, they feel good in the forest wilderness and … during repairing a tap, which they does not need to call a professional.

There are also a good sites, which include drinking a male alcoholic beverages, in particular, good beer and eating meat. Tattoos are also welcome.

Of course, being a lumbersexual man is not reserved exclusively for lumberjacks. According to the fashion world, representatives of a new trend may be employees of corporations and people from IT sector which has their hands busy of the smartphones. Like this one below:


Is “lumbersexual” style will be permanent for individuals with Chromos Y? Judging by how popular the beard and the winter clothing collections that appear in clothing stores has become, we dare to say so. Shyly we nod that trends finally moving in the right direction …


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