Krakow – the Old Town

Krakow—must-to-see list in Poland

While preparing your trip to Poland and think where to go, it is worth to take Krakow into consideration. It draws attention, for example, with its incredible history. Once a capital of the country it interests with its myths and legends. Apart from the bright side of the story there is also a dark mark—during the 20th century Krakow became a witness of a human catastrophe.

The Dragon – the first legend

The most famous folk-tale passed from generation to generation is the one about the dragon and the shoemaker. The monster was living near the beautiful city, bringing havoc to it by murdering the people and their cattle. The terror went on and on until a certain shoemaker wanted to bring an end to it. Being highly clever and intelligent, he came out with a trick to fool the monster. He filled one of his most beautiful sheep with sulphur and tar. The dragon fell for the trap and immediately gobbled up the bait. Previously splitting the fire, the dragon was suffering from a great thirst and, in order to slake it, he drank so much water from the river that his body cracked open. Throughout many years the myth became a symbol of the city and you can still visit see the dragon’s statue that is displayed at the foot of the famous Wawel castle.

Talking about the castle, Wawel is actually a name of the hill, where the castle is situated. Apart from it,  there is also a Cathedral, also having its origin in renaissance. From the top of the hill there is a great view of the river Wisla and the old town. If you want to catch a breath and observe the pulsating life of this incredible city, it is great to start the tour with the old town and it’s attractions, such as St. Mary’s Church. It is located in the Old Town (if you want to visit it straight ahead from the airport you can rent a bus from krakow airport to city centre that takes you there directly and without problems).

The Old Town

As in many cities, the Old Town is the heart of it. Surrounded by many relics and antiquities, such as the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the Town Hall, the Cloth Hall. St. Mary’s Church is in the centre of the main square. It is a Gothic church, hence it recommended for those, who are mostly interested in that kind of buildings. There is also St. Adalbert’s Church. Apart from the historical heritage, you can find a lot of restaurants, pubs and clubs and coffee houses. There are also many theatres and cinemas, so after visiting the most famous monuments, you can take a break, relax and have fun, without even leaving the main square.

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