Kitchen with living room – space gain

Kitchen with lounge is an excellent solution not only for small apartments. Free space is never enough. The more of it the better you rest, but primarily bustling in the kitchen, you need not isolate themselves from the rest of the household. The combined kitchen and living room allows you the freedom to prepare meals and at the same time peeking at child playing on the carpet in the living room or on a favorite movie on TV. Undoubtedly proximity and easy accessibility cuisine also favors … the desire of cooking.

Kitchen with living room gives great scope for the ability of arrangement. Increased surface area allows for experimentation color, contrasting statements and reaching for furniture of various sizes. It is worth remembering that such a large space, such as a kitchen with a living room, give an impression of a harmonious, if will be held in the arrangement proper proportions.

Visually enlarge the space by opting for bright pattern, similarly you reduce it, using dark colors. In designing their new locale must remember that the kitchen with a living room must accommodate not only all the kitchen appliances and furniture, sofa and TV, but also a dining table and chairs.

Kitchen with living room is increasingly popular trend in the design of housing. This is a response to the dizzying pace of life of modern people, who during the day meet for dinner at a restaurant, and the kitchen serves them to prepare small snacks, dinner and breakfast. In view of the fact that the kitchen is not so much exploited place in the home, you can be safely to his kitchen to find the perfect white cupboards and pale floor, which will harmonize perfectly with the decor of the living room.

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