How to Make Elegant Paper Invitations & Cards with Folding Machines

A folding machine, as it name suggests, is a device used to fold sheets of paper. Doing so manually is a tedious task, and this machine makes the process quick and easy. It can fold sheets of paper for mass mailing in just minutes. The machine also avoids paper cuts.

But more important, you can make elegant invitations and cards using a folder machine. Folding sheets manually while trying to make each fold symmetrical can be a nightmare. Whether you are in a small or large organisation, the benefits of a folding machine cannot be disputed.

Why Purchase Folding Device

A reliable and high performance folding machine can also create elegant and perfectly sized cards and brochures, information sheets, and mailers. You can customise materials for your office and business needs. Cards may come into various shapes, ideal for invitations. Furthermore, you can use folding machines to:

  • Create mailers to hold information
  • Fold hundreds and thousands of papers for cards, invitations, letters, and brochures
  • Boost productivity
  • Save time and money in preparing mailed documents

There are things to consider before you buy this kind of device. Heavier volume of paper projects requires a heavy-duty machine. Think about how often you’ll have to use the machine every week, too. There are machines that handle basic folds, while others can adjust to paper type and thickness.

Types of Paper Folding Machines

SuperFax Paper Folding Machine

Buckle Folders

Otherwise called as friction rollers, this device uses rollers to feed the sheets and prepare them for folding. Simply load a ream of paper and the machine will instantly fold the sheets. Most buckle folders can fold up to 10,000 letters in an hour.

Manual Folders

Manual folding machines work the moment you feed the paper into them. At the most, they can fold up 1800 sheets every hour. They can also fold three pages at a time. Unlike other complex folding machines, manual folders can handle only letter-sized papers. These are not for heavy duty and heavy volume work.

Knife-Folding Machine

This type of machine uses a blade to create folds for letters, cards, and invitations. Rollers work continuously, but they can only take one sheet at a time. The blade “creates” the fold as the sheet goes through the machine. The blade can likewise cut large sheets of paper into smaller or shorter pieces. Printing companies use the knife-folding machine to divide large publications into smaller sheets.

Automatic Devices

This is by far the best folding machine for high volume projects, as it can fold up to 18000 sheets per hour. It also has several preset options to customise the size and shape of cards and invitations. Automatic folders use air to grab the sheets, making them the ideal machine for glossy paper and stationery.

Choose from our folding machines the most suitable type for your paper projects. Create and send out those invitations with ease to your clients. With our folding machines, no card and invitation is too simple; each one comes out looking elegant and professional.

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