How to create a clean multimedia presentation?

Multimedia presentations nowadays are often a key element of public speeches. A good presentation is a great help for the host and a source of knowledge for the audience.

Preparing a good quality presentation is not an easy task. There are, however, a few basic principles that allow for significant simplification.

Limited amount of text on the slide

Each slide should contain only the most important issues. The presenter can develop the content of the presentation in his or her own words.

A large amount of text will reduce the readability of the slide, there is also a chance that most of the audience will simply not read it. That is why it is important that at each stage of the presentation the speaker’s contribution is richer in content than the individual slides’ content.

It is best to place individual slogans on slides, and then explain their meaning and develop the content in ones speech.

Corresponding colours

The colour scheme of the presentation is an important and yet often neglected issue. It should be remembered that the conditions in which the speech takes place are rarely optimal. Choose colours that will allow you to maintain the visibility of the content even in difficult conditions, e.g. in a brightly lit room.

It is a good idea to use vivid, yet not bright colours. It is also important to apply a high contrast and to ensure that the individual elements are clearly distinguished from the background.

Large and legible font

The use of ornamental fonts is strongly discouraged. It is worth remembering that the text is primarily informative and not decorative.

It is also important to choose a suitably large font size. This is especially important if the presentation takes place in a larger room. The large font will be readable even for people sitting in the last rows.

The choice of a specific size is an individual matter. It is however assumed that in order to ensure adequate visibility of the text, the font size should not be less than 18.

Multimedia content

Presentations consisting exclusively of text tend to bore the audience. If the audience is not particularly interested in the subject, their attention is easily dispersed.

This can be remedied by placing multimedia content such as short audio or video files in the presentation. This type of content will allow listeners to better remember the issues presented.

Time management

If the time for a presentation is pre-determined, it is important to adapt to it. It is best to practice speaking at home and measure its duration. If it differs from the indicated one, the content of the presentation should be shortened or extended accordingly.

However, even if the time is not predetermined, it is not worth preparing a long presentation. It is important to provide all relevant information, but not to prolong the speech, e.g. by going into the details of a particular issue.

Why is a multimedia presentation important?

A well done multimedia presentation is a great help for the speaker. It also has a significant impact on the overall assessment of the event.

Appropriate quality of the presentation will also attract the attention of listeners and increase the amount of information they will remember on the basis of the content.

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