Gantries – types and applications

Gantries are cranes working in intermittent traffic in a number of industries, including construction. They consist of a bridge that moves along the tracks, as well as a hoist or a winch moving along the crane bridge structure. Gantry, or “portal”, cranes allow efficient and effective close transport within a construction site or industrial plant by moving loads vertically and horizontally.

Types of gantry cranes

Depending on the needs of an individual project, different types of gantry cranes may be used.

1. Full-Gantry Crane

One of the most popular types of gantries which consists of two rigid steel legs which move across rails. This type of crane normally works in a fixed area and vehicles can pass underneath.

2. Semi-Gantry Crane

Most commonly, one leg of a semi-gantry crane moves along a rail and the other leg moves along a fixed system (for example, a wall). It is possible to change the height difference between them.

3. Portable Gantry Crane

A gantry crane that can be moved and assembled in various locations is a perfect option for smaller jobs and lighter loads.

4. Adjustable Gantry Cranes

It can be portable or fixed and comes in variable designs (with different height and span). Width, height or horizontal beam length can become adjusted depending on the job to be done and the load to be carried.

5. Single Girder Gantry Crane

It includes a single girder and a rail only. In most cases, the trolley and hoist are under-hung and they move on the underside of the bridge. It is suitable for limited floor space and low ceilings.

6. Double Girder Gantry Crane

This type of crane consists of two girder beams that form a bridge and is considered to be perfect for heavy-duty jobs. It usually consists of top running trolley and a hoist.

Cranes available on the market

When choosing a crane, it’s always worth consulting a manufacturer or an experienced retailer. Mipromet store offers lifting equipment with standard technical parameters, as well as solutions with specifications tailored to individual needs. The offer includes standard gantries with a span of up to 10 m and a maximum load capacity of 2 t, as well as lightweight aluminum gantries that can be attached to the ceiling, hall structure or supporting structure.

Mipromet also produces SIGMA and DELTA gantry hoists, available in several versions, differing in technical specifications. In addition, some DELTA models come in the screw option. The offer is enriched by THETA tripods equipped with a chain or rope hoist and a fastening belt.

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