Five Delicious Reasons You Need To Build A Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Let’s face it, if you have interests beyond microwaving frozen pizza meals from the deli aisle, you MUST look into building a wood-fired oven. Baking your own hard-worked pizza is not only infinitely rewarding, but also provides a range of delicious benefits. If you have an open space in your house or backyard, considering building this type of oven will be a game-changer.

Here are five reasons why you NEED to build a wood-fired pizza oven.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

1. They Cook Your Pizza FAST

Yes, it’s true. Microwaving a frozen pizza may be convenient, but is nothing compared to how good (and fast) a wood-fired oven can cook your pizza pie. Because you’re cooking with hotter temperatures than your home oven (which can only get up to 500° F, taking you around 20 to 30 minutes to even preheat) your cooking time is cut considerably. How fast, you ask? A brick oven — which reaches up to 700° F — can cook Italian delicacy to perfection in just two to five minutes.

2. They Make Pizza Taste SO Much Better

If you’ve ever tried a delicious wood-fired pizza, you’ll know that they taste SO much better. A brick oven can evenly distribute heat better than your electric oven, which enhances the flavor of the meal. Plus, you’ll have the bonus of getting smokey infused flavours throughout the pizza due to the wood used in the fire.

3. Healthy(ier) Pizza? Yep!

Who said pizza was unhealthy? They don’t have to be junk food when you’re cooking them in a garden oven. Most people put different toppings on their pizzas, including different fruits and vegetables—if you want to make sure those ingredients are as healthy as they look, the high heat and quick cooking time keeps their respective nutrients and antioxidants, stopping them from evaporating. Make your pizza good for you.

4. It Saves You Money!

As a home appliance, the electric oven naturally consumes energy and electricity, adding to your monthly bill. You won’t have this problem when you cook with a wood-fired oven. Everything’s all-natural, and you obviously won’t need to plug anything in. Imagine cooking with all that heat without even worrying about how much it’s going to cost you. If there is any issue with the appliance one can always go to the official website of Baltimore’s Appliance Repair Experts and get help.

5. You Can Cook Other Things In This Oven

Yes, that part about saving you energy? You may have been wondering how useful that really is if you’re not going to cook pizza every day. Well, a garden oven isn’t just for pizza; you can bake bread, roast other meats and vegetables, and just about cook any food. It’s much more efficient (although requires a little more hard work) than your electric stove, but you may just get addicted to cooking with it once you’ve started.


Building your own wood-fired oven will take more than a bit of effort (as well as some space in your home) but can be done by just about anyone as long as you’ve got a backyard. Try it out and completely change the way you cook your food.

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