Fast food calories – not as much as we thought

Fast food is available at every step. In shopping malls, on the streets, in the suburbs and petrol stations. Eagerly we reach for burgers, fries, sugary sodas and do not think about the calories contained in that meal.

We decided to take a closer look at fast food meals. Check the calories that hide in a delicious hamburger, crispy French fries, juicy nuggets. As it turns out the old maxim: Eat anything in moderation, works well for fast food as well. Calories contained in the so-called “Junk” food is not very scary. Everything of course depends on what and how much you eat. So as your meal wont turn into caloric bomb, simply make a proper choice in fast food bars. Decide on the minimum portion, as a supplement you choose a salad and resign from sweetened beverage. Take a closer look at the fast food dishes and see the hidden calories in them.



Let’s start with the popular hamburger. It turns out that burgers doesn’t contain very much calories. The simplest hamburger has about 258 calories. Which of course does not mean that you can eat without a dime a dozen! If you add to it the fries and coke, the number of calories dramatically increase.

Hamburgers – calories:

Double burger (200 g): 510 kcal
cheeseburger (120 g): 320 calories
Double cheeseburger (200 g): 500 calories





A small portion of fries (150 g) has about 410 calories. This is not a small amount. And if we add the tablespoon of mayonnaise, we increased the number of calories by 100 calories. Less caloric addition is ketchup. One tablespoon has about 20 calories.

As is well known chips taste best hand in hand with a hamburger or roasted sausage, it means an additional 400 calories …






Kabab beats records of popularity among fast food dishes. Do you know how many calories?

The average kebab weighs an average of 300 grams and has 630 calories!









There are plenty of varieties pizza with spinach, ham, rocket salad, seafood … If you think that by choosing the classic Margherita save a lot of calories, you’re wrong.

A small Margharita (300g) has an average of 730 kcal, while Pepperoni is not much more – 820 kcal.

If you are a fan of this Italian delicacy, but do not want to treat yourself as many calories, always instead of the entire pizza you can order one piece.

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