Exercises for a flat stomach in two weeks – does it work?

Do you want to show off a flat stomach? We have something special for you! Here are 4 reliable exercises for a flat tummy that already in two weeks will allow you to enjoy the first effects. Ready? So get to work!
Start from now and remember that regularity is your greatest ally. Just 15 minutes a day, and the results will appear in the blink of an eye. Remember, however, that without dieting there is no move! 70% of your success is always adequate nutrition.
All of the following exercises for a flat belly you can successfully do at home without the use of equipment. The only thing you will need is a comfortable outfit, exercise mat or towel and water (do not forget about the hydration of the body).

Flat stomach exercises

Best exercises for flat stomach

  1. Twist slope
    Put your hands behind your head. Bend your torso heading left shoulder to the right knee, which gently lift the to each other. It’s a great exercise for the lateral abdominal muscles. Perform 30 repetitions in three series.
  2. Vertical shears
    Lie down on the floor. Put your hands at your sides. Gently lift your shoulders off the ground and do the legs rapid movements scissors vertically. The highest point, which should get carried away leg is the moment in which it forms with the ground an angle of 45 degrees. The lowest – about 3 cm above the ground. Perform 30 repetitions in three series.
  3. Raise legs and arms
    Lie down on the floor. Put your hands behind your head straight, lock the joints at the elbows. Lock the knees. At the same time lift the arms and legs so you could have your hands touch the toes. Hold this position for a few seconds. Perform 10 repetitions.
  4. Plank
    Accept the position as the male push-ups – hands on the ground shoulder-width apart, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, stomach sucked. Hold this position for one minute (yes, we know that it hurts), then rest for 15 seconds. The whole Repeat 3 times.

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