Energized bed

As 99.99% of the population have a problem with the morning getting out of bed? British designer came up with the hardware that will draw from under the covers every snooze. Even if it is a terrible hangover.
Colin Furze, a mad scientist of twenty-first century. He has many extravagant projects, such as the turbo go-karting, Wolverine claws or fastest stroller world. This time solves the problem of the morning getting out of bed.

Order on video got from coffee producer and does not hide who is sponsoring his actions. However, we approach this very creative, so does not offend us, this form of advertising. Colin came to the conclusion that voluntarily sleepyhead out of bed does not work out, so you have to help him. So he built from scratch alive catapulting bed.

When the alarm rings at the set time, your bed does not understand that what you wanted, press “snooze” …



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