Dehydration of the body – check the signs!

Symptoms of dehydration are very cumbersome and definitely should not be ignored, because not enough fluid in the body can lead to serious complications. Why dehydration occurs and what are the symptoms?

What are the causes of dehydration?

Dehydration of the body is a state in which the loss of fluid, mainly water, is greater than the supply. The causes of dehydration include, for example: diarrhea, vomiting, frequent urination (resulting in infection), as well as fever, being in the heat or spending a lot of time on the exercise, which causes increased sweating and through it – the loss of water. In addition, dehydration can affect people who for some reason do not take enough fluids – do not have access to them or neglect the need for hydration. This condition is very dangerous, and in extreme cases can lead to death.

What are the symptoms of dehydration? Here is a list of disturbing symptoms:

– Increased thirst.

– Dry mouth.

– Weakness and dizziness.

– Accelerated heart rate, palpitations.

– Confusion in the head, problems with focusing.

– Fainting.

– Decreased sweating or loss of sweat.

– Infrequent urination; urine is dark in color.

In the case of long-term diarrhea or vomiting (2 days), weight loss, difficulty urinating, severe weakness, heart palpitations, be sure to consult a doctor.

To avoid dangerous signs of dehydration You should regularly drink fluids, mainly water, especially in emergency situations mentioned in the first paragraph.

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