Clarkson, Hammond and May return to TV!

Jeremy Clarkson just announced on Twitter that he and his colleagues from Top Gear, were hired by another employer, to create a new TV format.

The most famous presenter of the most popular program of the automotive world added an entry on Twitter, in which he stated that together with colleagues from Top Gear signed a contract with Amazon. The American company, which started from the sale of books on the network, it also offers Internet TV Amazon Prime. That’s the station where with the beginning of 2016 the episodes will be broadcast. Program does not have its official name yet. Those who are worried about the availability of this service in your country, calms Wall Street Journal speculated that the station will provide this via a cable networks and satellite.

Record-breaking audience automotive program Top Gear gone into oblivion along with firing Jeremy Clarkson. Solidarity with him, friends from the plan – James May and Richard Hammond resigned as well. Popular worldwide format lost everything, what attracted viewers from TV – eccentricity of the first, freaky of the second and inanity of third presenter. Top Gear has gained a new operator – Chris Evans, but lost a huge portion of its audience, which was calculated at 350 million people worldwide each year.

Clarkson has been banned by the BBC after he slapped one of the producers of the program. Since then there has been much speculations who embraces three specific presenters. In the race, he took a giant TV on demand – Netflix. Gentlemen worried about an uncertain future, but I did not appreciate its value. Or maybe it was coquetry? In the end, their station was the most watched program in the world, so they knew that sooner or later someone knocks them with a lucrative offer.

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