Calixar, membrane proteins for life

With an experience of over seven years, Calixar has carried out more than a hundred and fifty membrane protein bound projects and currently handling over twenty ongoing customer projects. Its primary objective is to offer their clients and partners with the best quality membrane protein and antigens for their discovery projects. Its team of highly experienced professionals are guided by the company’s corporate values that include perseverance, commitment, best practices and excellence in innovation. Calixar aims to produce membrane protein offering solutions to pharmaceutical industries, biotechnological companies and academic institutions to formulate new vaccines, develop conformational antibodies, and carry out structure-based drug inventions.  Calixar uses an approach that preserves the unique structure and functionality of membrane proteins such as Viral Proteins, GPCRs, Transporters, Ion Channels, Anchors and Receptors. The real challenge when producing membrane proteins is to isolate them in a native conformation without mutating or deleting its original structure and maintaining a high pure solution.

Conventional methods tend to affect the originality of membrane proteins thus compelling researchers to use other approaches such as mutagenesis, refolding or impure scaffolds systems. To overcome this critical issue, Calixar creates new tools and procedures for the identification, deorphanization expression, purification, extraction stabilization, crystallization, detergent quantification, as well as structural-functional characterization of membrane proteins. The original biological material such as bacteria, virus, organs or primary cells can be a recombinant or an endogenous. Calixar focuses on innovative, unique and custom-made chemistry whose primary goal is to adapt to the biochemical characteristics of the target material during the solubilization step to the purification and through the stabilization stage.

Apart from producing purified membrane proteins which are used for antibodies development, vaccine making and drug discovery, Calixar also produces customized detergents. The joint research laboratory CHEM2STAB gathers the relevant expertise of biochemists from Calixar and chemists from Avignon University to deliver customized detergents. This initiative aims at designing and producing new molecules that can extract, stabilize and promote the crystallization of therapeutic membrane protein targets or antigens without denaturation.
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