Butterhead lettuce – 4 reasons why you should be munch

Butterhead lettuce is a vegetable that we know well. There are no exotic names, we do not have to pay for it hundreds of thousands in organic stores because it is available in every grocery store and a nearby bazaar. Maybe we don’t appreciate it enough?
Here are some reasons why you should reach for a tasty, delicate and very healthy salad:

1. It is ideal for people with diseases of the digestive system.

Mutritionists recommend butterhead lettuce to people on a diet of easily digestible because it is soft and does not have irritant properties. Therefore, it can be eaten by the elderly and by people with struggling SE gastrointestinal problems (eg. Gastritis).

2. Promotes weight loss.

It has only 16 calories per 100 grams, so you can eat, eat, eat, and still not endanger the body. Even a simple combination of lettuce with tomato, green onion, radishes, eggs or Greek cheese is a recipe for a tasty and low-calorie lunch. If you like to munch lettuce solo, remember at least about sprinkling it with olive oil or sunflower oil, as a valuable carotenoids contained in it dissolve in fat!

3. Provides vitamins and minerals.

Besides B-carotene, which is a very good source, butterhead lettuce provides vitamin C, K, potassium, calcium, phosphorus. Good enough for this price? It’s worth it!

4. It can be added to various meals.

Made with the salad, add it to sandwiches, decorate dishes. Butterhead lettuce is also a component added to the green cocktails – not tried? Mix it with pineapple, apple, banana or other favorite fruit. Time to try something new!

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