Bedroom in the attic

Bedroom in the attic has its advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantage is the fact that the attic is the quietest place in the house. For this bright and with a beautiful panoramic view outside the window. A major downside, however, are bevels and the need for adaptation to the arrangement of the whole room. If, however weaknesses does not overshadow the benefits that brings a bedroom in the attic, learn what to look for composing the arrangements.

A key problem that must be solved is to find a suitable location for the bed. It should not be the biggest slant, otherwise every morning will begin with a bump on his head. Make sure that the bed was the most massive piece of furniture in the room. bedroom in the attic looks best if it is furnished sparingly. Forget about wall units and unnecessary outfits. Limit yourself to bed, wardrobe, chair. Less is more.

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