Beautiful hands right away – exercises for the triceps at home.

Exercises for the triceps? Probably You think that we are crazy. Well, not at all! Did you know that the state of shoulder muscles very much affects the appearance of all our profiles? In spring and summer we uncover arms on sunny days, in winter in turn we praise them in the carnival creations with scant upper part. Therefore, let’s take care of them to make them always look beautiful – no matter the time of year and temperature.

1. Squeezing French

  • Sit on a chair. Lean your feet on the floor.
  • Cross the two dumbbell, take it with both hands.
  • Put your hands behind your head. The arms hold close to the ear.
  • Bowed forearms and lift them to the starting position. Make sure that your arms all the time are close to the head.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times, take a short break and do two more series.

In carrying out this exercise on the ball, further strengthen the abdominal muscles.

2. Women pump

  • Lie flat on the mat, hands, set the width of your breasts
  • If you can not do full pushups, stay on knees
  • Lower the body almost to the ground, make sure that your hands are as tight as they can (just then working your triceps)
  • Return to the starting position. The repeat 10 times in three series.


3. Squeezing lying dumbbell in

  • Lie on your back, dumbbells in his hands. Raise your hands over each other at right angles to the ground, and then bend, leaving the dumbbell behind your head. Again, raise your hands, almost straightening them, and then leave. Repeat at the beginning of 10 times, the next week – 12 until you get to 20.


4. Dumbbell in a kneeling cantilevered

  • Accept supported kneeling position, with one dumbbell in your hand. Hand with dumbbell bend at the elbow so that the arm was in the position parallel to the ground. Make a motion relies on part-straight hand, directing dumbbell back. The arm remains in the same position, it moves forearm. Perform 15 repetitions on each hand in three series.


5. Dupported pumps

  • This exercise works very much like the second exercise. Stand back to the stable countertop and place your hands on it. Slowly lower the body by bending your hands and resting his weight on his shoulders. Return to starting position and repeat 10 times.

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