Air Rifles – what do you need to know to get started?

For beginners, knowledge about air rifles is essential to make a good choice and do not do more harm than good. To be sure about your decision, you should familiarize yourself with some processes, differences and anatomy of any of air rifles.


What are air rifles?


An air rifle is a type of fun using air-filled firing. To push the air riffle pellets (you can use bullets, too), it requires utilizing compressed gas.

Air rifles are usually used for recreational activities, hobbies and mostly for hunting. Although they are not a new thing, they become increasingly more popular.


Some essential facts:

  • air rifles for which you can buy bulk ammo online are pneumatic: can either be in a pump up style or pre-charged (the world’s most powerful air rifles)
    • they can be CO2 powered – with their 12g cartridge it gives an air rifle a lot or precision, power and accuracy
  • hunters prefer to hunt with a larger (.177mm) calibre as it has lesser impact on the target than .22 calibre
  • Air rifles and guns require some extra maintenance and care despite the fact they are considered to be durable
  • avoid dry firing as it can seriously damage your air rifle
  • using of the proper amunition (the pellets that are specifically made for a particular type of air rifle) is recommended
  • take care about lubricating the moving parts of an air rifle for increasing effeciency and make it more durable


Take a look at some ranks of top10 air rifles You can check the price and find them on Amazon!


  • Crosman Venom (calibre .22) – one of the most popular choice abong hunters
  • Benjamin Marauder – with a solid design providing some stability and adjustment to the shooter, it is also known for being a very silent gun
  • Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump – a gun that helps in shooting with precise and accuracy
  • Gamo Big Cat 1250 – allows to take a shot without any noise or disruption, even for beginners
  • Benjamin Titan GP – it consists of a gas piston that reduces vibration and Nitro Piston that offers smoother shooting
  • Hatsan 95 – offers an accurate and quite strong shooting features
  • Ruger Blackhawk Combo – the high powered velocity makes the target much easier to be shot
  • Gamo Wisper Silent Cat Rifle – great for shooting in long ranges in any weather conditions
  • RWS .22 Pellet Model 34 – offers much speed and power efficiency
  • Ruger Yukon – even in cold climate, it functions amazingly well


Well, the choice is not easy, but you have an impressive variety to choose from. Even if collecting air rifles is only your hobby, don’t forget about an appropriate maintenance to keep your guns in a great condition. And remember, be careful!

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