A special place for business people

A special place for business people

Krakow is amazing city situated in southern part of Poland, in Malopolska region by the Vistula River. It is also a place where you may find numerous conference venues krakow. This article will describe one of those places called International Conferences and Entertainment – ICE Krakow.

A little bit about Krakow

Those who have already visited Krakow will certainly appreciate the special atmosphere of the city. It consists of numerous sights that have been in the city for many centuries, such as the Wawel Castle, the Saint Mary’s Church and the Sukiennice Market. Moreover, it is quite cheap city for the tourists from the United States and the United Kingdom because of the beneficial currency rate. The Polish zloty is four times cheaper than American Dollar. The travellers from foreign countries will not have any problems reaching the city because it is served by Krakow-Balice International airport. The airport provides direct flights to main European cities such as London, Paris, Berlin and a lot more. Furthermore, the airport also serves intercontinental flights to Chicago, the United States. Those strong points should encourage the enterprise owners to organize the conferences at ICE Krakow.

A little bit about International Conferences and Entertainment – ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow is located in the real Krakow City Centre on the bank of the Vistula River. It is a perfect place to organize business meetings, conferences, concerts and a lot more. ICE Krakow consists of three halls- their total capacity is almost 3,000 people. During describing the place, it is worth to pay attention at the transport possibilities. The venue has its own car park for 336 cars as well as bike park. When it comes to public transport, there are located bus and tram stops 50 metres from the entrance of the ICE Krakow. Moreover, you can also reach the venue within 15 minutes from Krakow Main Train Station.

The previous events in ICE Krakow

ICE Krakow was a ‘witness’ of numerous great events. Some of them are concerts of famous artists, for example Garou and Joseph Calleja. Moreover, there also took place conferences, such as Aspire Annual Conference and well-known musicals.

ICE Krakow – many possibilities in one place!

If you are looking a spacious and modern venue for your next business meeting, you should definitely consider Poland and International Conferences and Entertainment – ICE Krakow. You will get the professional service, nice atmosphere and great location in reasonable price.

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