8 ingenious tricks that will solve all your problems with shoes

There is probably no woman who would not have problems with even one pair of their shoes. Creak when walking, sores, difficult to clean, etc. I gathered 8 most popular issues and found simple and homemade solutions. It’s an end to all shoe worries!

  1. Squeaky shoes
    The way to squeaky shoes? Powder for babies! Just sprinkle her shoes under the pad or on the sole and … end of the trouble!
  2. Soaked shoes
    If you soaked the shoes, or you feel they are sweaty, save them … gravel for cat. Put it to cotton socks and fill the shoes. Cat litter will absorb moisture and remove bacteria.
  3. Shoes requiring refresh
    Each worn shoes gradually start to smell bad. The way to an unpleasant odor is a tea. Put the dry bag for a night to shine, and you’ll find that odor will disappear.
  4. Once white sneakers
    What can I do to once again sneakers were white? Combine baking soda with liquid detergent. Rub the mixture with a brush in sneakers (you can use it to clean material and rubber).
  5. High heels, which cause pain
    When walking in high heels causes you pain, try this trick: wrap together 3 and 4 toes with a plaster. Why does it help? In these places takes nerve, which if it is too heavily oppressed, can cause pain. If you wrap your fingers slice, you reduce the pressure on this sensitive site, and you can enjoy the high heels on your feet for longer.
  6. Shoes without gloss
    If your leather shoes do not shine, as it should be, rub into them small amount of lotion to the body. It will give them a delicate glow.
  7. Method for blisters
    If walking in some shoes makes the next day, your feet are covered in blisters, pan the interior of these shoes with the antiperspirant in the ball (no alcohol and perfumes).
  8. Tight shoes
    How to diverge too tight shoes? Put a thick, wet sock, on your shoes and come dressed like that around the house for some time. Quickly feel the effects.

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