8 ads and clothes that harm our body

Time to look at the clothes and adds that we carry almost every day. It turns out that some of them could adversely affect our health. It’s time to face the truth.

Ill-fitting bra


Ill-fitting bra size can cause problems. Too small can constrict lymph nodes, which in the long-term perspective may even lead to breast cancer. On the other hand too large a model not supporting the breast properly, which can contribute to back pain, shoulder, neck, and even the head. That is why it is so important to find the right size of bra.









Too big bag

too big bag

We love big bags for their practical sense. They room everything from the schedule, the beautician, the flashlight. Unfortunately, the bigger the bag, the more it deceives us. It creates a false impression that there We packed all too many things, because the bag is still half empty. Let aching shoulder will be for you a warning: even a moment and you will have a problem with your back. Tight muscles sooner or later will give you know about itself. For your own health choose a less capacious bag and do not try to put into them your whole live.







Fortunately, in these times we carry him in a blue moon, but it is still worth to mention that this cloth can cause muscle pain, itchy skin, as well as damage to the spine. We are talking about corsets fitted with metal parts. Wear them so sparingly, only for really special occasions …










Large necklaces

Large necklace

Large, heavy necklaces can cause tension in the neck. It’s better to get carried away by the fashion for delicate pendants.








Unfortunately, it turns out that our beloved ballerina can do us a harm. Completely flat soles can cause sore feet, corns, back pain and even arthritis and varicose veins.










High heels

High heels

When wearing a high heels body weight is transferred to front foot. Calf and achilles muscle is pulled all the time, knee are burdened and hampered blood circulation, which contributes to varicose veins.
So what shoes should I wear? Well-fitting ballerina, on a good, solid sole., low heels.









Tight skirts

Tight skirt

Legs “wrapped” with tight material must take much effort, to take a step. If we add high heels to this scenario it is even worse. Forget about the fast moving from place to place.







Skinny Jeans

Tight jeans

Skin-tight trousers tube material can irritate the skin and dry the legs. In addition, wearing these pants can lead to urinary problems, and even fainting, muscle damage. All by excessive and prolonged oppression. It turns out that by wearing the tubes can even reach the hospital.


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