5 tips – How to eat healthy

Our body to function properly need all the ingredients contained in food, even those held responsible for weight gain – carbohydrates and fats. The trick is: maintain adequate quantities and proportions. Then we will make sure that we eat nutritionally, while healthy. Let’s see what to eat to keep our body in a good shape.



They are a great source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. They are delicious and quickly provide a feeling of satiety, additionally in the summer there is a huge selection of those. But in this case it operates the old rule: too much of a good thing is never a good thing. You can not overdo it with fruits, because they contain large amounts of sugars.








Dairy products contain large amounts of protein, so well suited as a snack when we get hungry. Plain yogurt, kefir or cottage cheese quickly make you get rid of sucking in the stomach. To yogurt or cottage cheese You can add some fruits or granola.









This is just something that you can eat without restriction, because the vegetables do not have anything, so we gain weight. And they are exceptionally healthy – but everyone knows about that. They contain lots of vitamins, pectin and minerals.








Rice waffles

rice-wafflesThey are low in calories and contain high amounts of fiber, which helps digestion and thus helps preserve lean. Rice waffles are great as a simple snack, they can also replace traditional bread.







Granola bar

granola bar

In the event of a sudden hunger it is indispensable for active people. It contains carbohydrates which act as a quick energy boost. When it comes to chocolate, its negative impact is slightly exaggerated. One must remember that chocolate is an invaluable source of magnesium, which supports the work of both muscle and brain. We’re not talking about eating a whole chocolate at once, but a few cubes – can not hurt.


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